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The Pleasant Places to Live
Binned map showing pleasant weather days in the US.
Gender Pay Gap - Box Plot
A box and whisker plot demonstrating the gender pay gap across salary grades.
How Consumption Has Changed
How consumption of different types of food has changed since 1960
Stock Market
Monthly stock prices for four companies from 2000 to 2010
2012 Summer Olympic Medals
Stacked bar chart on the number of gold, silver and bronze medals by country
Population Distribution by Age
The distribution of population by age groups in the United States in 2016
Share of Women across Job Levels
The proportion of women declines in higher job titles.
Partisan Reactions on Mass Shooting
Topics mentioned by the two parties after the Orlando nightclub shooting
Boston Weather
Daily max and min temperatures and precipitation in Boston for year 2015
Goldilocks Worlds
1780 confirmed planets beyond our solar system, which are habitable?
Color Popularity in New Cars
The untangling of color popularity among new cars in North America
Donors Choose
The chances of completion for projects on
Features of Cars
Parallel coordinates plot of features of 406 cars
Caltrain Schedule
Stations and arrival time information for the Caltrains
Obesity and Education
Slope graph on percentages of obesity and higher education in US states
Mobile OS Usage
Mobile operating system usage from 2008 to 2014
NBA Redraft
Twenty years of NBA draft picks from 1989 to 2008
Nobel Prizes and Laureates
All Nobel laureates in a data-rich and complex graphics
Life of a Plane
The life span of plane models, with information on incidents and fatal injuries
Red and Blue America
Partisan Voter Index (PVI) for each US state over the years
US Unemployment
Unemployment rate by race, education level, and gender from 2009 to 2016